spanish call centersWe can all see the significant rise of the Hispanic purchasing power in the United States. Truly, the Hispanic Americans cover a great percentage of the consumer market. That said, companies nowadays implement more culture-centered marketing strategies to effectively attract, maintain and increase patronage from the said consumers. For instance, Pampers, a big name in the diaper and baby care industry, has recently launched a campaign sporting Pamela Maria Wright, a Latina mother and working professional, to promote their product. Learn more about this story here:

Latinas Drive Hispanic Purchasing Power In The U.S.

Meet Pamela Maria Wright — the “contemporary Latina consumer.” She has two kids — Nico and Rita — whom she hopes will be bilingual, as she is. She’s a tech-savvy working professional with a master’s degree, but she’s also very traditional and family-oriented. (While I was visiting her home…

If you have a business and you want to reach out to the Hispanic community, you might want to apply effective marketing strategies that appeal to them. You might also consider working with Spanish call centers to provide a customer support platform for your target consumers. But before you start implementing these new plans, read this article first to learn valuable marketing tips:

Marketing Tips for Reaching Hispanic Americans

In my last post, I wrote about the increasing buying power of Hispanics in the United States and explored with Juan Tornoe of Cultural Strategies, how some marketers are reaching this audience. Below are some dos and don’ts for small businesses.

Hopefully, these articles convinced you into creating new Hispanic marketing strategies to effectively reach out to your Spanish-American consumers. Should you need professional Spanish call centers to deliver top notch customer service to your clients, call us at 1-855-255-9552 ext. 301 today. We’ll be happy to assist you!