Being able to provide customer service and support for Spanish speakers can present challenges. Enlisting the help of Spanish call center services could be the solution you need to provide that next level of personalized support. Learn more about how Callzilla can help.

For years, the goal in customer service and support it to keep a proactive and timely approach to support. The need to provide support in the language your customers speak has become of utmost importance.  This shouldn’t be a surprise abroad, but a similar principle has emerged among customer service leaders and marketers who serve the U.S. Hispanic Market. We’ve seen this rising trend first hand and have noticed an evolving appetite for Spanish Call Center services in the industry at large.

Spanish Call Center Roundtables and Life on the Road

After attending multiple industry events in 2014 – ICMI, SOCAP, ResponseExpo, and Call Center Week, I found my own rock star version of living life on the contact center conference road where I’ve been fortunate to lead roundtables on the topic of U.S. Hispanic customer engagement and customer experience.

From the various panels and forums, it’s obvious there has been a tidal shift. The overwhelming consensus is that consumer brands from the blue chip Fortune 50 retailer to innovative new startups are increasingly aware of the importance of providing optimal customer experiences to Hispanic customers.

Yet, there are still many companies that still haven’t acquired a taste for the market. However, the facts don’t lie, the U.S. Hispanic consumer market represents $1.5 trillion in purchasing power. For more Hispanic market trending data, download our Top Trends in the U.S. Hispanic market eBook.

Some of the more popular concerns and questions that were expressed at the roundtable sessions include:

  • How do I implement a Spanish contact center program efficiently and effectively?
  • How can I maintain the same customer experience for Hispanic customers that my English speaking customer receives?
  • How can I make my company more competitive in serving the Hispanic market?

Paving a Road to the U.S. Hispanic Market

Having been one of the first Spanish Call Center niche providers, we’ve seen the appetite for Spanish call center services evolve over the years at industry events. After six years of touring, the topic has exploded. More and more conversations with company leaders revolve around finding solutions to improve the Hispanic customer experience and acquire new U.S. Hispanic consumers.

We’re proud to be a catalyst in bringing the Hispanic customer experience to the forefront of the discussion on customer engagement, Voice of Customer, and omni-channel solutions in the ever-changing complex world of customer care. Along the way, we’ve picked up some important recognition as Finalists for two awards — Best Outsourced Partnership and Best Contact Center Agent — at the prestigious ICMI annual event.

Don’t Get Left on the Side of the Road

Not all companies have warmed up to the idea of leveraging a Spanish Call Center partner. Yet those that have are truly dedicated to developing appropriate customer experiences for Spanish speakers. And these companies that get it, will stay ahead of the trend and take and retain market share among Hispanic consumers.

Get on the Spanish Call Center Bus

Recognize the sheer power and opportunity that Hispanic market represents and don’t get left on the side of the road to this opportunity. The potential return on investment of providing optimal U.S. Hispanic customer experience is improved when using highly skilled agents speaking native, accent-neutral Spanish.

Look to the second half of 2014 as your opportunity to improve your Spanish language customer care. 2014 looks to be the break out year for the Spanish call center. We’ve already established partnerships with many companies in e-commerce, personal care, and retail sectors. The types of offerings range from Hispanic omni-channel customer service, including chat, email, and social media engagement as well as Customer Satisfaction IVR surveys.

We’re looking forward to our continued participation in industry events as we promote the importance of Hispanic customer experience… which is like licorice, not everyone has an immediate taste for it, but those that do, REALLY like it and understand its impact.

If you need help or would like an estimate for your Spanish contact center program, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to discuss your options.