In some cases, contact center services for Spanish speaking customers are not sufficient; companies that acquire Spanish-speaking customers must also be equipped to answer, respond to, and resolve Hispanic customer care related problems.

Callzilla was founded on the principle that companies struggle on their own to acquire and care for their Spanish speaking customers and need to rely on service providers like Callzilla to assist with contact center outsourcing that places this group of customers as a priority. Providing these customers with a great customer experience starts with everything from order taking, account management, lead generation, help desk support, and social media engagement efforts.

The Santiago Solutions study illustrates that Hispanic customer experiences today generally are unsatisfactory since Hispanics’ questions are solved on calls at a lower rate than non-Hispanic Whites.

Out of the ashes, a phoenix can rise, however; Callzilla has always agreed with Santiago Solutions’ assertion that there is an opportunity in the midst of the negative experiences that Hispanic customer face. Hispanic customers seem to currently be the most lenient of any demographic group.

While Hispanics have no reason to be more lenient than any other group, the opportunity lies in the fact that your Spanish speaking customers are yearning to be treated with respect and have their problems resolved. The key is to outsource your contact center service to a Spanish speaking call center that is trained and equipped to communicate clearly, listen to, and resolve Hispanic customers’ interactions. Companies that take the steps to do so, will be rewarded with loyal customers that over-index in the use of word of mouth to recommend brands.

Callzilla echoes the assertions made by Santiago Solutions: the contact center is a critical touch point between Hispanic customers and the brands they purchase or research.

The current state of affairs is bad yet with the right selection of a specialized partner, companies can communicate clearly and effectively with their potential and existing Hispanic customers, to keep them as loyal and satisfied customers.

The first step is to seek the help of the Hispanic-focused contact center solutions provider to enhance the Hispanic customer experience across phone, chat, social media, text, and email.

Congratulations to Santiago Solutions for their ground breaking study. Hopefully this will lead to continued efforts to further study the market and will also lead companies to make more concerted efforts to engage their Hispanic customers in a more effective manner.

If you would like to discuss outsourcing your customer support to a Spanish speaking call center, please contact Callzilla for a free strategy consultation.