Self service and the future of customer care was our topic for this week’s ICMI chat. Questions included, “What is the current state of self service? Where is it going? How will it change?”

Check out the video below for my recap on self service and the future of customer care in the nearshore call center and don’t forget to catch us on October 7th as we host the #ICMIchat!

I am particularly interested in the last question for the nearshore call center. I predict an airline-ization of self service in which customers will be able to pay for better service. Examples already in existence include priority boarding of an aircraft and paying to be in the fast lane during rush hour.

I think companies will charge customers more to bypass a queue, to get to more qualified or higher quality agents. Customers will have the option to pay to be treated better and have less wait time in the future. Will they pay for it? We’ll find out!

Another topic up for debate is that of the SMS text. Some of our participants thought text as a channel was too intimate for companies to be using to contact them for support, others appreciate the ease of use and direct method to getting the issue resolved.