Results Before Callzilla® With Callzilla®
Estimated Patient Adherence 18% 66%
Drop Off Rates 6% 3%
Data Tracking   TBD

Industry: Large Pharma Client

Need: Decrease missed Patient appointments and Increase product value in Patient’s perception

Success Metrics:

ROI 3.5 : 1

Patient Adherence Increased by 48%

Developed feedback and KPIs to glean insights into behavioral modification tools for Patients


  • Physicians prescribing medications had a large volume of missed patient appointments and patients taking themselves off medications
  • The product was perceived as expensive and not worth the effort
  • Self-reporting vehicles and details on HCP-Patient experiences were ineffective and not accurately measuring available data


  • Create program between HCP and Patients for disease management and patient adherence
  • Facilitate a helpful dialogue between Patients and HCP’s and narrow the data gap to better understand Patients needs
  • Decrease drop off rates of 80% after 60 days

Callzilla® Approach:

Callzilla® enlisted 2,300 HCP’s and communicated with 33,000 Patients to form a detailed, holistic program

We initiated live phone, email, direct mail, and web-based communications to reach Patients in the most effective way for them individually

Implemented a Physician Dashboard system to track communications, appointments, and follow-ups


Estimated Patient Adherence

Before Callzilla® 18%

With Callzilla® 66%