This week’s ICMI Chat on Twitter dove deeper into self service contact center technology, specifically defining what actions make it work effectively and which actions cause self service to fail.

It was determined in the chat that many industries such as travel, retail, and banking (including our very own outsourced spanish contact center industry) can benefit from self service technology by using apps, online forums and interactive voice response (IVR).

Watch the video below for more thoughts and tune in on Tuesday’s at 1pm EST to catch the ICMI chats as they happen!

A question that stuck out to me was this: “What is the roadmap to success?” My best answer is that there isn’t one. There are best practices and case studies of companies that perform self service well, such as Netflix and AT&T, to name a few. Ease of use is important to not lose customers in the self service process and it is highly important to have an opt out option or an easily accessible way to chat or call an agent directly if self service is not working, but there isn’t a clear step by step roadmap. Take Spanish contact center self service technology for example, understanding the customer journey is critically important. We need to know how and why customers go to the self service portal along with what frustrations they are having. These are self service issues that need to be solved.

At Callzilla we work hand and hand with our clients to fine tune self service processes which integrate with the millions Spanish or English customer interactions we handle each year. And if you’re looking for a new partner, contact us, we’re happy to share our insights from the market.