Hispanic MarketA fantastic article appeared in Forbes, “5 Steps to Capturing the Hispanic Market — The Last True Growth Opportunity,” highlighting some fresh ideas for companies that wish to establish a firm footprint in the US Hispanic space.

This is a must-read for any organization that is even thinking about swimming in the Hispanic consumer pool.

The lessons learned are transformative and will enable teams to not just dip their toe in or swim for a few minutes during adult-only swim, but to do laps in the deep end of an olympic-sized and potentially fulfilling pool.

Of the 5 steps, Callzilla wishes to highlight and offer our take on 3 of these:

Step 1: Define Clear Goals and Objectives to Win with Hispanics. Of course! Its difficult enough for companies to decide what projects to fund and in what markets and what types of products to develop. The Hispanic market requires clear objectives, indicators, and a path to follow. New product launches and the decision to en ter a new market takes planning, resources, and time. The Hispanic market also requires equal or greater time, and once in, requires data, analysis, and long-term strategy to decide how to optimize results; that many companies enter the Hispanic marketplace unprepared and/or leave the Hispanic market place after one month or less is anathema to how they would operate, what expectations could be had for a new initiative that was poorly planned, insufficiently funded, has no unique data or KPIs, and was never given the necessary time to mature?

Step 3: Deploy Your Best People. The article refers to managers and executives. Consumer-oriented companies must also offer Spanish call center agents, customer care and customer service representatives and tech support/help desk staff, and others at the front and back ends to make the interactions between Brand and Hispanic customers favorable and to ensure that Hispanic customers’ questions and problems are resolved in a timely and respectful manner.

Step 5: World Class Analytics — and Partners — Are Required. Consumer marketers must rely on the vendor community to help them with the more specialized task of communicating with and caring for Hispanic customers. Many companies are not able to maintain an in-house Hispanic customer care team and have to rely on specialized providers to provide Spanish call center and contact center support.

Hispanic MarketCallzilla’s services are tools to help companies’ Hispanic marketing efforts to win in the Hispanic market.

Glen Llopis’ article is a fantastic roadmap on how to do so; Callzilla’s Hispanic-focused contact center solutions allow marketers to capture data and employ analytic tools to understand the Brands standing in the Hispanic marketplace.

Our exclusive focus on the Hispanic market allows our clients to deploy the best people on their behalf, to communicate with Hispanic customers and ensure favorable interactions and resolutions to their problems, complaints, and questions.

Since 2005, we’ve been helping US companies establish and strengthen their footprint in the Hispanic marketplace; please contact us to discuss together how we could help your organization to acquire and care for its Hispanic customers.