I’m talking about Gamification, one of the most important tools in contact center employee engagement, at two industry events.


While appearing recently on a panel sponsored by technology leader Fonolo, I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful peers in customer care and contact centers. It was also a good reminder to pay attention to Fonolo’s informative white papers, the latest of which highlights the Top 10 Customer Experience Trends for 2016. I was thrilled to see No. 9 on their list, Employee Engagement, as I’m speaking on that topic a lot these days.

Gamification on the brain

Specifically, I’m talking about Gamification, one of the most important tools in contact center employee engagement, at two industry events: the SOCAP Spring Symposium in Nashville that just wrapped up and ICMI’s Contact Center Expo & Conference that’s in May. My co-presenter will be Nate Brown from UL, formerly called Underwriters Laboratories.

We’ve seen multiple studies that come to the same conclusion: The more engaged employees feel at work, the more satisfied the customers will be when they interact with those employees. That means more customer loyalty, more revenues, higher share price, and many other key performance indicators that pay dividends in one way or another.

The greatest challenge for contact center leaders is selecting and setting up the tools that will best create that employee engagement, generate ROI and build success stories. Our sessions at SOCAP and ICMI focus precisely on these challenges, telling a fun story showing how contact centers can win at Gamification. Our platform provider, PlayVox, recently interviewed us and published a story about our collaboration.

Freshening up

Please check up on us periodically. You’ll see fresh activity on our website, blog and social media properties. We’re proud of our new corporate identity and are excited to share many of the new business wins, awards, and programs that we’ve been hard at work developing over the last year. We’ll be telling you about our ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, the 2016 industry awards and recognition we’ve received, the expansion of our omni-channel service offering, and new programs we’ve added to our client portfolio.

This year started with a bang and will continue to bring our clients and team members great satisfaction and high quality performance so that we can all remain on cloud nine.

Thank you for your business and trust, for the opportunity to serve you, and for your continued spirit of collaboration and learning within the contact center and customer care industry. – Neal

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