This week’s #ICMIchat kicked up some debate. Do rewards lead to engagement? How do we measure engagement? Can you be satisfied and not engaged? 

A few people in the chat believed that it is possible for agents to be incentivized and satisfied, but not engaged. I really enjoyed seeing the opinions this week and what can happen when people with great, but different ideas have a chance and are encouraged to discuss their thoughts.

It seems the decided upon definition of recognition is saying thank you, patting agents and employees on the back, and telling them they did a good job. Recognition, public and private, is highly important. Incentives, on the other hand, tend to be monetary rewards whether it is gift cards, extra pay, or PTO. However, incentive programs become difficult to manage or implement when agents come to expect incentives, sometimes for basic things such as attendance.

Another topic we discussed this week was ROI. How do you define it? What is the ROI on these incentive programs? For us and our call center, we define ROI on incentive programs with customer facing metrics such as CSAT, NPS, and FCR. If there is no net cost for the incentive program, we consider that a success.

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