Improving Patient Compliance  for Pharma Clients

Industry: Large pharma clients

Need: Improve patient compliance, medication persistence past 30 days, and follow-up with physicians

Success Metrics:

Callzilla’s methods increased new patient scripts filled by over 75% and persistency by 40%

Increased usage by 62% after only 6 months


  • Even though the product was a key brand that had been on the market for 3 years, only 55% of patients filled the first script written by HCPs
  • There was little-to-no follow up after the initial perscription and adherence rates were very low


  • Increase patient persistence at 30 days from 67% to 82%
  • Increase patient persistence at 6 months from 37% to 55%
  • Achieve minimum ROI of 2:1

Callzilla® Approach:

Callzilla® created a contact network of 3,000 Physicians and 15,000 Patients for regular correspondence

We rolled out an assortment of live channels, including phone, email, IVR, and surveys to convey messages efficiently


ROI rose to 3 : 1

Drop off rates were cut by half and estimated patient adherence rose to 66%

Increase in first scripts filled by over 75%