nearshore call centerCallzilla has been participating in weekly chats on Twitter, hosted by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI). The chats provide great opportunities to spend an hour a week networking and sharing ideas with the call center industry’s most influential thought leaders. The topics rotate around a monthly schedule, this week’s being, “How to Measure Success with Self Service?”

Watch this video to learn more, or check out the recap on YouTube: Measuring Success with Self-Service

Participants in the chat set out to discover how self service can create a better customer experience, reduce handle times and resolve customer complaints. Knowledgebases are a large part of resolution and should be flexible, omnichannel, text, visual or audio based so that brands and contact center representatives can add and modify them. However, knowledgebases are not everything in customer care and self service. They need to be constantly updated and monitored alongside other contact center technology.