Contact center Big data was the topic of this week’s #ICMIchat. I had the pleasure of hosing this chat, which got a little heated and showcased a few differing opinions among participants. Our goal was to make this topic interesting and sexy. Video clips below.

We discussed the term “big data” and other buzzwords and determined that what you call it isn’t what is important, how you use the data and what we do with the data in the Spanish call center is what matters.

Big data is not going anywhere. We have more opportunities than ever before to use this data to improve the customer experience and maintain and increase customer lifetime value. We shared an example from Southwest airlines in the chat of how big data can help companies create more personalized customer experienced.

When it comes to agents utilizing the data, it was mentioned again that metrics matter. Giving agents a voice in which metrics to use concerning the data was also discussed as an important motivational factor.

Overall, the current state of contact centers utilizing big data needs improvement. We need to determine the steps necessary to use data to improve customer experience, maintain and increase customer lifetime value.

Get in touch with me to share your thoughts. – Neal