Helping Telecom Client  Communicate with Customers

Results Before Callzilla® With Callzilla®
FCR 45% 85%
Call Abandons 35% < 9%
QA Scores off af monitored calls 60% 88-90%

Industry: Wireless Communications Provider

Need: First Call Resolutions and Lower Call Abandons

Success Metrics:

First Call Resolution (FCR) increased by 89%

Increase in overall QA scores of call monitored by 50%

Diminished call abandons by 75%


  • English language Customer Care with current outsourced partners were unsuccessful in resolving customer issues and complaints in an efficient, timely way


  • Increase FCR in Spanish and English while reducing call abandons
  • Boost QA scores to provide better customer experience

Callzilla® Approach:

Callzilla® employed a consultative call handling and training approach to meet varying customer needs. We emphasized FCR while implementing a more thoughtful customer approach to increase satisfaction with their in-call experience and provide real solutions.



Before Callzilla® 45%

With Callzilla® 85%