hispanic advertisingCompanies are implementing their well-designed marketing plans that are made especially for the holiday season. Why not? It’s gift-giving season after all and profits are expected to soar! Some have come up with promotions to attract more customers; some have thought of giving out freebies; some are doing discounted selling and some are doing advertisements on all forms of media. The common denominator, however, is that companies are all focusing on reaching out to the Hispanic market. The Spanish-American population’s role in the economy has shown significant growth over the years which is the very reason why companies are investing on Hispanic advertising, marketing, customer care and all other strategies that will keep these group loyal to their brands. Read this interesting article that details the retail power of Hispanic Millenials:

Debt Free, Smartphone Savvy, Big Spenders: Hispanic Millennials Are Retail’s Holy Grail

With 12 days left until Christmas, retailers are pulling out all the stops to attract last-minute shoppers to their brick-and-mortar stores and online iterations alike. Recent data indicates there’s one group they should be paying special attention to, particularly given their propensity to…

You may have seen the obvious importance of reaching out to the Latino market based from the above article. Hispanic marketing is truly an investment that’s not only going to bring you profits today but also a wise move that will earn you another network of loyal clients over the years. Check out this great online resource where you can get more information and news about marketing to hispanics.

Hispanic Marketing and Media

Content may be king but local content/media is the emperor. Gannett announced that it will add 12 to 14 pages of USA Today content each day to 35 of its newspapers…

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