Gamification in the contact centerCallzilla is a strong supporter of gamification in the contact center. With a younger workforce drawn to stimulation and interactive learning, we have found a creative solution that engages agents by fostering an atmosphere where learning and training are ‘always on’ and always available. Our chosen player to enable gamification in the contact center for our nearshore Spanish call center is the PlayVox gamification system. We recently did a Google Hangout between our teams about gamification in the contact center. In this video we discuss how gamification has fulfilled our business objectives of creating a more engaged, motivated training atmosphere for our agents that does not include lectures or chalkboards.

If you are looking for a solution to your outdated, ineffective contact center training, but aren’t sure where to start, you should look at gamification as part of your contact center training program.

In the beginning, we struggled with which KPIs to measure in regards to agent engagement. To determine success, our goal was to move as many lower performing agents up the pyramid as we could through adoption of the gamification system in the following areas: sales conversions, customer service, first call resolution, average handle time and saves/retention. Our expectations were smashed when we saw an overall increase of 30% in agent performance.

The social component of the product provides healthy competition among the agents, motivating them to earn the next badge or incentive and was an unexpected bonus for our contact center. We have seen our agents’ engagement levels skyrocket since implementing PlayVox call center gamification system. Agents are able to communicate with each other and supervisors more efficiently and we now have the capability to communicate with many more individuals at same time through this tool. This socialization of the system integrates nicely with the gamification and elearning aspects so agents can see their competition and who has reached what level of training in real time.

We have paved the way with gamification in our contact center and have seen interest from our clients who continue to spread the word about gamification in the contact center. This system has increased agent performance, simplified internal communication, brought us a new elearning tool, and increased overall client satisfaction.

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