Results Before Callzilla® With Callzilla®
Call Conversion to Order 2% 16%
Average Revenue per Order <$300.00 $465.00
Daily call volume 50 calls per day 600-800 calls per day


Industry: Educational software

Need: Brand recognition in Hispanic market and Sales Generation

Success Metrics:

Conversion increase by 800%

Jump in Revenue per Order by 55%

Established Brand as the no. 1 in its category within Hispanic market


  • Client had made one previous attempt to serve the Hispanic market prior to Callzilla®.
  • Conversions and Avg. Revenue per Order were inferior vs. general market results


  • Increase conversions
  • Lift Average Revenue per Order
  • Establish brand recognition in Hispanic marketplace

Callzilla® Approach:

Employed consultative call handling and Training approach to offer product offerings around each caller’s unique needs

Introduced client to Hispanic-focused media partner to better place TV and radio spots

Utilize payment capture software to better qualify customers and their payment means


Call Conversion to Order

Before Callzilla® 2%

With Callzilla® 16%