Manager Sylvia Caballero was instrumental in the teamwork that enabled Callzilla to reach a milestone in May 2017. She passed away April 7, 2017.


I write today with a mix of joy, grief, pride, and frustration.

Several weeks ago, I had the terribly sad task of informing clients and team members that a Callzilla manager, Sylvia Caballero, had passed away in her sleep. Her passing was utterly shocking and tragic. She had just celebrated her 6 year anniversary with Callzilla, and we are indebted to her in so many ways.

Then the week before last, I went to International Customer Management Institute’s annual conference. In the evening, at the 2017 Contact Center Awards event, Callzilla won the Best Outsourcing Provider Award.

I accepted on behalf of the entire Callzilla family. My joy was bittersweet. I view the win as a major milestone for our company. We reached it through teamwork, but I couldn’t share the success with Sylvia, who was instrumental in getting to this point.

As leader of our company, I am committed to honoring Sylvia’s legacy. She embodied a “quality-first” mindset and strove for the best always. I am resolved to make sure that we focus on high quality results and continuously improving. 

Clients, team, partners, and friends: thank you for your understanding, loyalty and trust as I try to steer Callzilla through novel challenges and opportunities.

Sylvia: this is for you.