The overarching question of this week’s #ICMIchat was how much does customer journey impact customer experience? Customer journey in the Nearshore Spanish contact center is a very important topic.

Refining the Nearshore Contact Center Customer Journey with Data

The discussion points during the chat included challenges in the contact center. To put a positive spin on it, where are the biggest opportunities for improvement – people, processes or technology? In our world, technology is a commodity and has recently become more readily available and affordable. People and processes, such as certifications, need to be utilized to the full extent of productivity. We have to have people who understand the processes – what to do in case X happens, how to handle certain situations, etc. In my opinion, this goes back to training. The agents must be properly trained to deal with these situations.

Also on the topic of training, another conversation happened around how many channels a single agent can handle at one time. Many of the participants in the chat said agents could only handle 1 or 2 channels simultaneously. I believe if you have the right person who has a passion for helping and serving customers, it doesn’t matter which or how many channels they can handle. If they are properly trained and have a passion for helping people, they can take it all on.

The Value of Customer Data in Real-time

The last big question of this week was, “how important is it for nearshore contact center agents to have real time insight while speaking with customers?” Reps should have insights into customer data while talking with customers. Again, this goes back to how well the agents are trained. They need to know how and when to use the data, what to say and how to present it. The data can easily be misunderstood to scare customers off.

Understanding the customer journey in the nearshore Spanish contact center helps to improve customer experience and satisfaction. Watch the video below for a recap of the chat and don’t forget to tune in on Twitter on Tuesdays at 1pm EST to catch the chats live.