CX professionals share their thoughts on achieving impact & visibility through CX

Miramar, Florida: Callzilla is proud to announce the publication of Customer Experience4, with contribution from our President, Neal Topf. This milestone is a major accomplishment for Neal, but also Callzilla on our mission to enhance customer experience for all clients.

“I share my take on what I’ve learned podcasting about & interviewing #CX thought leaders over the past 2 years.,” says Neal. “Hope you agree that it’s a unique synthesis of hundreds of hours of reading and discussion with our guests.”


Additional contributors and thought leaders include:

Naeem Arif, CCXP, MBA, Agile 

Andrew Priestley 
James Dodkins 
Gregorio Uglioni, CCXP 
Deirdre Martin Stine Ringvig Marsal Gabriela Ciupitu, CCXPCarolene MéliRuth CrowleyMarc Karschies (CCXP/CXPA RTP)Kristin HaynesFernando Dantas S. Jr (CCXP, CPXP)Ali Malik, CCXPThirza SchaapFaran NiazBob Azman, MBAPeter Verheijde

“It’s a privilege to share the honor of contributing together with these authors and creative thinkers”. – Neal.

To purchase your copy of Customer Experience4 (for less than a cup of coffee), click here.

About Callzilla: Miami-based Callzilla is a full-service outsourced contact center and BPO serving US and European enterprises. Clients hire us to handle their inbound customer communications, to manage back office processes, to conduct outreach and/or to implement automation strategies.