Callzilla recently renewed our ISO 9001 certification. We were also upgraded to level 9001:2015; the most current version. With this upgrade, we have once again qualified ourselves as an organization that meets the needs of customers and stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.

I am proud of our team, and especially General Manager Natalia Diaz. Together, we are responsible, not only for the renewal and upgrading this certificate, but also for the future objectives that this certification brings, and I look forward to meeting these challenges head on. 

This certificate empowers us to think about processes and team work, so that we can focus on performance measurement. Ensuring that all team members adhere to our Mission is what we believe distinguishes Callzilla from many contact centers and ensures our place in a crowded and ever-changing world of customer care. The leadership of both Natalia and Sandra will be instrumental in measuring this performance to achieve KPI objectives.

The upgraded version of ISO 9001 also mandates that we factor in risk management measurements. By incorporating risk management, we can act in a preventative and proactive fashion to ensure the impact on the operation is minimized and to better guarantee business continuity.

The challenge for Callzilla moving forward is to fully incorporate and adapt the teachings of ISO to address the root cause of problems so that we reduce the number of fires we put out. This will allow us to work towards long term company strategy and personalized approaches to customer service.

We embrace the opportunity to meet the daily requirements of high quality, customer experienced focused contact solutions that our Mission statement and the ISO 9001 certificate demands of us.

“That Callzilla has achieved renewal of its ISO certifications demonstrates commitment and continuity of the ability to add value and distinguish itself in the outsourced contact center market, increasing confidence in Callzilla’s ability to perform and provide high quality solutions.”