Every year, Callzilla contributes a Children International, an important partner to Callzila. It is a phenomenal organization, and we’d highly recommend you check out their website to learn more about them – http://www.children.org/.

As part of our partnership with Children International, we proudly sponsor Esther, who lives in Quito, Ecuador. Recently, the Quito office was able to deliver the gifts to Ester and her family, including furniture, kitchen products, and groceries. In Esther’s words, “You are great and I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.” Esther’s gracious message is truly humbling. It’s rewarding to know there’s an organization like Children International who are giving real help and hope to more than 335,000 kids like Esther around the world. If you’re interested in helping a family or making a donation, you can go to this page: https://www.children.org/Donate-Now.

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