Software maker compares call center companies, switches to Callzilla after 6 months of results


A software firm was working with another call center, but conversions and order value lagged the market. In 6 months, Callzilla outperformed the other center and replaced them.

Call conversions increased from 2% to 16% within 6 months

Average order value increased from under $300 to $465

Upsells increased 40%

Average calls handled per day rose from 50 to 600-800

Coming to terms with flagging performance

A global brand selling language-learning software was using well-known call center companies to handle direct response calls and customer care. But their key provider was converting 2% of calls into orders, and averaging $200-300 orders.

They decided to quietly test having Callzilla handle a portion of its call volume.

Focus on customer experience quality

Callzilla focused on ensuring a consistently high quality customer experience. Our leadership team met with the client to understand their goals, offerings, and vision.

Project Brief details action plan

We crafted a gameplan specifying target results, how and when performance would be measured, how we would ensure quality, and how we proposed to prepare agents to serve the end customers.

We started qualitative and quantitative customer satisfaction surveys right away.

Embracing values & rehearsing interactions

Agent and supervisor training focused on embracing the client’s corporate values, building rapport with callers, and spotting and addressing upsell opportunities. From the very beginning, our Client Services team freqently met with the client to discuss results and fine-tune efforts.

Guidance on optimizing DRTV spend

Callzilla introduced its client to a Hispanic-focused media partner to better place TV and radio spots; we also deployed payment capture software to better qualify customers and their payment means.


  • Within 6 months, reports showed the following:
  • Average calls handled per day had increased from 50 calls to between 600 and 800 calls
  • Conversions of interactions into sales had risen from 2% to 16%
  • Average order value had risen from below $300 US to $465 US
  • Upsells had risen to 40%

Within a year our client became no. 1 in its target market. Our client terminated the first center and Callzilla has handled 100% of their volume ever since.

“Callzilla helped us enter a new market by having normal, everyday-type conversations with the caller, getting them to open up, engage, interact and express what their problem is. And then we are able to provide [brand name] as the solution to their problem. From our leadership to your entire team, thank you for all your hard work!”


Telesales/Operations DirectorGlobal Educational Software Company