Skin care brand sees clear ROI from Callzilla call center services within 45 days


A few years ago Callzilla met a large subsidiary of a Fortune 50 company. The subsidiary sold anti-acne products direct to the consumer. But its outsourced contact centers in the U.S. and Dominican Republic were not converting calls from Spanish speakers into orders.

Call abandons dropped from 20% to 2% in 45 days

Call conversions increased 77% in 4 months

Average order value increased from $70 to $120 in 4 months

Before we took over the contract, about 1 in every 5 callers abandoned while waiting on hold. And when the old call centers did make a sale, average order value was just $70.

To turn things around, Callzilla focused on rapidly improving the customer experience. We revised the incentive system for agents. During joint training exercises, we leveraged deep experience with tailoring scripting and sales tactics for the Hispanic market. Our client embraced our advice on establishing rapport with Hispanic customers. And our Client Services team frequently calibrated with the client for quality assurance.

Within 45 days, Callzilla met Call Conversion objectives, and met and then exceeded AOV, Life Time Value (LTV) and continuity objectives. Before we took over the program, 20% of calls were being abandoned. We brought it down to less than 2%. In four months, we increased conversions by 77%. Average Order Value rose from $70 to $120.


One of the great things about Callzilla is that at an agent level, even, they have a very competitive spirit. Whenever there’s a challenge put before them, they always want to be the one that takes first place. They compare themselves to the other centers and want to be on top. That almost guarantees that they will be on top, and I love that competitive spirit.

Senior VP, Customer CareGlobal Skin Care Company