Music Giant Outsources Management of Ecommerce Customer Care for the First Time to Callzilla


A major music company approached Callzilla about ecommerce call center outsourcing services to support one of the most prominent bands in history. This is the first time that an outside contact center is handling care for the act’s music downloads, CDs, DVDs, subscriptions and online merchandise.

Customer Satisfaction scores average 95%

90% calls answered in 10 seconds or less

93%+ First Contact Resolution

Added live chat and email channels

Most online shoppers never pick up the phone to reach out to an online retailer. But plenty need to know—even if subconsciously—that they could reach a real person.

One of the world’s oldest media companies had an in-house group handing ecommerce customer care and sales, but needed to pair with the right outsourced contact center. They asked Callzilla to start handling inbound calls from English and Spanish-speakers.

Preparing Our Ecommerce Call Center Support Teams

Getting the support activities started included these steps:

  • Developed a project brief to outline our commitments to the client
  • Implemented customer satisfaction surveys, to establish a baseline and enable meaningful reporting over time
  • Collaborated with the client on training agents on the products and support requirements for the project
  • Integrated customer support systems with the client
  • Went live and frequently calibrated with the client on real-time results, performance, and evolving needs

Outcomes of our Ecommerce Customer Service Efforts

Today Callzilla provides customer support over the phone for any issues with account management, billing support, product returns, customer retention, and order fulfillment. Callzilla answers 90 percent of calls in 10 seconds or less and customer satisfaction is 95 percent. We are able to resolve 93 percent of ecommerce customer issues on first contact.

Additional Customer Support Based on Your End User Demand

This collaboration is growing. Those overseeing ecommerce sales and customer care at the media giant are able to see firsthand the link between customer experience quality and the division’s performance. Perhaps the biggest vote of confidence in Callzilla is that this client has asked us to add customer support by email and add live chat support for sales and customer care.

Unique Quality Management System

How does Callzilla achieve these kinds of results? We do some things differently than other companies. For example, we avoid incentivising agents and supervisors around transactions or call-related data like number of calls answered, number of sales made or Average Order Value. Instead, we incentivize employees around Customer Satisfation scores, customer experience, net promoter scores (NPS), and Customer Effort Scores.

It’s all part of our focus on quality:

  • We dig deep to understand each client’s needs and challenges
  • Callzilla focuses on experience-oriented key performance indicators
  • Our client services team takes a proactive, hands-on approach
  • We have a unique talent acquisition program that involves a 9-step hiring process, 3-week initial immersion, extensive training and 1:1 coaching
  • Per our ISO 9001 certification, we are 100% accountable to clients and to each other


“Over the years, having dealt with all types of customer service issues with the utilization of call centers, I can easily state that the above situation was resolved to my utmost satisfaction and the process in obtaining my replacement order was seamless.”

Customer of our music company client