Commercial Entertainment Provider allocates 100% of tier 1 calls to Callzilla following flexible inbound and outbound customer support


A commercial entertainment company enlisted Callzilla’s assistance to alleviate the stress of attrition in their call center. When an urgent request changed our original course, our team led an outbound campaign to promote returns of old devices. Following our efforts, the client saw a 200% increase in returns. Additionally, there was a 38% increase for Interactions Handled. Our performance drove the client to outsource 100% of its tier 1 customer service calls to Callzilla.

Customer Initial Response Time across all channels increased by an average of 85%

Number of interactions handled increased by 38%

Call Abandonment Rates across all Line of Business decreased by 65%

The number of returns increased by 200% after the outbound campaign

Hiring a team large enough to handle both customer support issues and outbound communications is a common challenge for many companies. High contact center turnover and attrition can cause the supply of human capital to dry up quickly. Additionally, hiring temporary employees to fill the gap can lead to increased spending and lower customer satisfaction rates.

This was the concern at hand when our President, Neal Topf, met the client at the Frost and Sullivan Conference. Callzilla’s goal was simple: deliver affordable and high-quality nearshore call center solutions to meet the growing demands of their customers.

Our client is a major B2B onsite entertainment provider specializing in enhancing retail store experiences, specifically through curated musical playlists and the equipment to play it. Retailers rely on this technology to improve in-store experiences.

Ability to Quickly Deploy Customer Service Channels

What began as a short-term outbound campaign evolved to include inbound phone, technical support service and an email workflow and response strategy.

As we prepared to launch additional customer service staff to help with an excess of backlogged emails and support calls, a more pressing issue became present. An urgent request came through to switch our agents’ focus from inbound customer service to outbound retail store calls. Priding ourselves on flexibility and client satisfaction, we quickly changed our scope of focus to adapt.

An important attribute to being a valuable strategic partner is to be flexible and drive quality for our client.  The ability to quickly adapt and support the ever-changing needs in our client’s business is key to helping them meet their business goals.”

-Bob Guarnieri, Callzilla SVP of Sales

Inbound, Outbound and Beyond

Staying flexible with our support strategy meant having to adapt quickly with our training. Originally, we had prepared our team to handle tier 1 inbound customer support calls and emails, but once the client indicated a need for outbound support, our leadership was quick to give agents the support they needed to handle these new types of calls.

In our outbound calls we were tasked with reaching out to retail store managers to prompt or remind them to return their musical device equipment. These customers needed to return their equipment before they could receive repairs or replacements.

The Problem with Retail

Why was this such a big push for the company? The client identified a pain point in receiving these returns to be able to deliver repairs and replacements. This was simply due to the busy nature of retail businesses. For the staff of this company, day-to-day tasks would easily overshadow following up with customers on returns. That’s where Callzilla’s came in.

This client reached out to us during a dire moment, and we were there for them to alleviate ticket, email, and phone backlog. Callzilla’s ability to staff and train quickly, efficiently work through initial on-boarding, and focus on execution proved to be the recipe for success for this omni-channel client.”

– Neal Topf, Callzilla President


There was a large number of customers to reach out to, but Callzilla took the challenge head on.

    • Callzilla team completed outbound campaign two weeks earlier than expected by client
    • The number of returns increased by 200% after the outbound campaign
    • Number of customer interactions handled increased by 38%
    • Call Abandonment Rates across all Lines of Business decreased by 65%
    • Customer Initial Response Time across all channels increased by an average of 85%
    • Callzilla team swiftly shifted focus back to handling inbound technical support calls for the client
    • Client made a strategic decision to allocate 100% of its Tier 1 calls to Callzilla