HAPPY NEW YEAR! From reflections on visiting with GM’s #custserve team, to encounters with Geico, team member profiles, and responding to a New York Times article, 10 posts stand out as our most-shared. In case you missed any, here’s a quick list.

Callzilla’s Best of 2016

  1. SAYING YES: How General Motors Built a Great Social Media Program
  2. WRESTLING A GECKO: Encounters with Insurance Industry Customer Service
  3. HUSTLE: Customer Service Shortcuts Get Companies Stuck in Ugly Places
  4. WHO’S WHO: Callzilla Contact Center Manager Natalia Diaz
  5. WHO’S WHO: Quality Assurance & Training Manager Liliana Ramirez
  6. CASE STUDY: Better Care for Customers of Leading Skin Care Client
  7. SPLISH SPLASH: ISO Quality Framework Guides Our Growth
  8. ARISE & SING: Quality and Consistency in the Contact Center
  9. RULES OF THE GAME: Gamification at GM, Chrysler, Kellogg, Dominos, VW, Flagstar
  10. ON CLOUD NINE: Contact Center Employee Engagement Buzz at SOCAP & ICMI

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