Callzilla's QA and Training Makeover with Catherine Parra Cifuentes

Welcome, Catherine, to the Callzilla family! Catherine was brought on to manage our Quality and Training departments, but she also has a very important specialty that made her the perfect fit for our growing business.


Rising quickly through the ranks of the BPO industry, Catherine has experienced Contact Center life from the ground up. Her focus started in quality assurance, and expanded to cover training as well. Most recently, she was responsible for reorganizing the training department for her previous company, and leading the transition to a work-from-home environment.


As Callzilla advances in our digital transformation, and progresses the work-from-home program, Catherine is the perfect piece to our expanding puzzle. We were able to move our staff to a work-from-home environment fairly quickly, and now Catherine is working to fine-tune our processes. Catherine says it’s important now than ever for our QA and training teams to work together like a machine, identifying areas of improvement and implementing solutions both in-person and remotely. We’ve made major upgrades in both areas, as we partnered with Observe.AI as our quality assurance and speech analytics tool, and developed a new E-Learning platform for training.


In addition to calibrating these processes, Catherine has identified the new skillsets that are needed for these positions in quality and training. Thanks to speech analytics, monitoring calls is no longer the main task of a quality analyst. Her team is now focusing more on developing the analysts’ analytical and reporting skills, so they will play a bigger role in the overall development of our agents and work more closely with the operations and training teams. We are also focusing less on the QA score as a number on the screen, but rather diving deeper into the customer experience to determine route causes for satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and what the customer is actually looking to get out of the interaction. On the training side, our trainers are optimizing material for the new E-Learning platform, as this new digital space has become less about delivery and more about design. Our trainers will use their current program knowledge to build dynamic and entertaining sessions for this new online space. Both teams are excited to take on this new challenge.


Catherine says this virtual office space has been a positive experience for her and her team, as we’re able to build more personal connections with small groups and individuals. In the office, there can be a lot going on in the background, but this past year has given us the opportunity to focus on the tasks at hand and to make great improvements in our designated areas.


But enough about business! Catherine is also big into animals and nature, caring for her three cats and spending time at the park with her family. She can also talk your ear off about the Marvel universe, and has watched all the movies in chronological order on Disney +. If you’re visiting Colombia in the future, Catherine says to make sure you check out Medellin, Cartagena, Santa Marta, or La Guajira, which has her favorite beaches!

You can learn more about our QA and Training developments on the services page of our website, under Speech Analytics and E-Learning.{{cta(‘7453d46c-acb8-4582-955e-59c1d19406d5’)}}