Case Study: Cosmetics

Cosmetics maker improves customer experience, average order value increases 2x Summary A client needed to reduce call abandons and raise AOV. We helped do it by focusing on customer experience quality. Average order value increased by 200% Call conversions increased Customer Satisfaction scores increased Contract renewals (cancellation saves) increased Upsells increased A cosmetics company was using three outsourced contact centers in the United States—one of them in-house and the other two outsourced. Reports showed [...]

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Case Study: Entertainment

Commercial Entertainment Provider allocates 100% of tier 1 calls to Callzilla following flexible inbound and outbound customer support Summary A commercial entertainment company enlisted Callzilla’s assistance to alleviate the stress of attrition in their call center. When an urgent request changed our original course, our team led an outbound campaign to promote returns of old devices. Following our efforts, the client saw a 200% increase in returns. Additionally, there was a 38% increase for Interactions Handled. Our performance drove the client to outsource 100% of its tier 1 customer service calls [...]

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Case Study: Media

Media giant turns to Callzilla for assistance with their customer care operations Summary A top music producer outsourced their sales and customer care calls for products related to a popular artist in their portfolio. With a focus on contact center quality, Callzilla was able to onboard and assume operations. After the first 90 days, First Call Resolution (FCR) increased to 93%, Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSat) improved to a level of 95% satisfaction, and the client expanded the engagement to add email and live chat support channels. First contact [...]

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Case Study: Music

Music Giant Outsources Management of Ecommerce Customer Care for the First Time to Callzilla Summary A major music company approached Callzilla about ecommerce call center outsourcing services to support one of the most prominent bands in history. This is the first time that an outside contact center is handling care for the act's music downloads, CDs, DVDs, subscriptions and online merchandise. Customer Satisfaction scores average 95% 90% calls answered in 10 seconds or less 93%+ First Contact Resolution Added [...]

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Case Study: Wireless

Wireless giant changes its call center solution providers, sees FCR and saves improve Summary A leading U.S. wireless carrier was splitting some of its call volume between call centers in the Philippines, India, Palestine, and Ohio. But with all four providers, First Contact Resolution (FCR) was an issue. About 25% of the time, customers had to recontact our client to resolve their issue. We helped get that figure down to 10% within 7 months. Saves (renewals) rose from 50% to 85% First Call Resolution rose [...]

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Case Study: Broadcasting

Broadcaster lowers customer service response time with help from Callzilla Summary A broadcaster's in-house customer care team was swamped. Anxious customers sent multiple emails as they waited days for a response from Support—intensifying the backlog. Big changes happened within 90 days of hiring Callzilla. Average response time decreased from 72 to 3 hours in 90 days Overall email volume shrank by 50% in 90 days Expanded channels to include live chat, voice and email A global sports media network needed [...]

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