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Thanks for checking in with us, hope the periodic updates are informative about who Callzilla is, what we do, and how we help companies in their hispanic marketing to acquire and care for Hispanic customers.

Generally, the message we share with US advertisers is that the decision whether to enter the Hispanic market or not is no longer the question to ask. Census figures and demographic data clearly illustrate the sheer size, growth factor, and purchasing power of US Hispanics, shifting que question away from “To be or not to be” and focusing it more on the “How to be” i.e. how specifically do companies advertise to, promote themselves, brand their products and services, and engage potential and existing customers.

In a downward summer news cycle, a powerful study was recently released that we wanted to share and comment on, which helps to answer the “How to?” question. Ace Metrix published “Viva La Audiencia: Maximizing Spanish Language Television Advertising Effectiveness” which reveals some surprising, counter-intuitive findings (see: http://www.acemetrix.com/spotlights/white-papers/insights/). Principally, we were surprised to find out that advertisements that are the “same” for the Hispanic market as they are in English, with Spanish language voiceover and bumpers, are more effective than “similar” ads that have taken the extra step to trans-adapt the creative to have different actors or video footage. The data shows that perhaps companies don’t need to invest the extra money, time, and effort to recreate advertisements in Spanish; translation and simple voice over may be sufficient to make a powerful impact in Spanish.

Companies should note: advertising to Hispanics in Spanish is effective and can be more effective than advertising to Hispanics in English. Spanish language advertisements can be translation of English language advertisements. Trans-adaption of ads i.e. changing the talent, images, testimonials, and visuals can surprisingly be less effective, and certainly more expensive and time-consuming. A Go-to-market strategy for the Hispanic market is much more easily tested than what the cost of what the so-called experts used to require.

Marketing HispanicWhy is this important? Advertising is a vehicle to inform and acquire customers. A contact center is another important tool to help advertisers convert Hispanic consumers into paying, loyal, satisfied customers. And more importantly, once a Hispanic consumer becomes a customer, advertisers must have a strategy to care for and serve a demanding Hispanic customer base, which includes in-language support, that is available to receive calls, chats, texts, social media messaging and is highly trained to resolve problems and questions that Hispanics may present.

Callzilla has been providing Spanish and English language inbound and outbound phone, email, chat, text messaging, and social media monitoring and engagement to US companies for the last 9 years. Our Hispanic focused customer care/customer service, tele-sales, lead generation, survey, market research, telemarketing, and social media services have helped companies acquire and care for their Hispanic customer base for years. If there is a solution we can help your organization with, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@callzilla.net or by phone: 1-855-CLLZLLA (255-9552) ext 301.