Better Care for Customers of  Leading Skin Care Client

Results Before Callzilla® With Callzilla®
Cancel/Save percentage Spanish: 15%English: 20% Spanish: 40%English: 29%
Call Handling Call Abandons: 25% Call Abandons: 6%
Customer Satisfaction Never evalutated March 2014 launch of C Sat IVR surveys

Industry: Skin Care Product Marketing

Need: Improve both English and Spanish language Customer Satisfaction

Success Metrics:

Save Improvements in Spanish by 166% and in English by 35%

76% Reduction in Call Abandons

Implementation of regular and reliable customer feedback under Callzilla’s initiative


  • Client in-house customer care was overwhelmed and unable to handle the volume of calls
  • Outsourced English language customer care was performing inadequately


  • Improve overall customer satisfaction
  • Improve Call Handling and Agent Utilization
  • Life Cancel/Save percentages for both English and Spanish speaking customers

Callzilla® Approach:

Callzilla® began by re-building the Agent/Employee interaction and rewriting the script based on our understanding of Hispanic culture and expectations

We created structure training to clarify the product benefits and reasons to continue with auto-billing


Cancel/Save percentage

Before Callzilla® Spanish: 15% | English: 20%

With Callzilla® Spanish: 40% | English: 29%