Agent engagement in your outsourced contact center was the topic of this week’s ICMIchat. Questions included:

  • How do you measure agent engagement and satisfaction?
  • What’s the difference between engagement and satisfaction?

Many great points were made and all participants agreed that contact center agent engagement and agent satisfaction are not one in the same; agent engagement is the result of satisfaction. Usually, contact center agents that are satisfied in their position, feel adequately trained, and enjoy their coworkers and environment will be engaged. Agent engagement has a huge impact on CSAT. Engaged agents generally provide a better customer experience.

It is difficult to define agent engagement mathematically. There is no formula, it is a combination of things that you can measure and other things that are more experience related.

In my opinion, agent engagement is a combination of participation, quality, and satisfaction. It combines qualitative concepts and quantitative measurements. How happy are you in your position on a scale of 1-10? How does that make you feel?

In response to “How do you increase agent engagement?” Erica had a great point that proper training and technology go much further than a pizza party. I believe that rewards, recognition and training are what helps to increase employee engagement. The more agents feel prepared, the better they perform. Better performance = a more engaged contact center agent. Which ultimately means your customers are being supported in a positive way.

Watch this video for more insight into this week’s chat: